Polls often tell us things we already know, and yet the results are still noteworthy.


A Washington Post-ABC news poll revealed that while the vast majority of blacks survey strongly disapprove of the Zimmerman acquittal, a slim majority of whites agreed with the verdict:


At least eight in 10 African Americans say the shooting of the Florida teenager was unjustified, recoil at the verdict in the trial and want the shooter, George Zimmerman, tried in federal court for violating Martin’s civil rights.



On the Martin shooting in particular, the racial gaps are extremely wide.



Among African Americans, 87 percent say the shooting was unjustified; among whites, just 33 percent say so. A slim majority of whites (51 percent) approve of the not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, while African Americans overwhelmingly and strongly disapprove. Some 86 percent of blacks disagree with the verdict — almost all of them disapproving “strongly.”




There is also a partisan tinge to the public views. Among whites, 70 percent of Republicans but only 30 percent of Democrats say they approve of the verdict.


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What are you thoughts on the poll? What are the key “take-aways”?

Can the disparity between whites and black be chalked up to racism? Are there other factors?

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