There is growing concern about the safety of LGBTQ people in Nigeria now that anti-gay legislation has been signed into law.

President Goodluck Jonathan has signed legislation that allows those who are in same-sex relationships to be jailed or up to 14 years.

From the BBC:

Nigerian activist Bisi Alimi told the BBC the law would also affect those trying to assist gay people. “You’re not allowed to provide services to anyone who is perceived to be homosexual,” said Mr. Alimi, who heads the UK-based gay rights group Kaleidoscope International Diversity Trust. “When you say that services will not be provided, what you’re saying is that HIV services that are catering to men who have sex with men will have to stop.”

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The new law imposes prison sentences of up to 10 years for anyone who participates in gay clubs or organizations and for same-sex couples who publicly show affection.

Although activists tried to fight against the legislation, they were “heckled and booed” for their efforts.

Thoughts on the law?

Should there be a concerted, international effort to repeal the legislation?

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