For as long as rap has existed, there’s been a population of people that look at and only see something negative. While there are absolutely some parts of hip-hop culture that are concerning and problematic, there are also many good. But, recent words from a New York City Officer is casting doubt on the entire genre.

Four people were shot in a New York City venue during a T.I. performance, including the suspect now shown on video appearing to shoot into a crowd, a New York rapper known as Troy Ave, according to The New York Times. Immediately after the incident, New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton came out to condemn rap music for creating an environment where this kind of tragedy could occur.

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In an interview with NBC New York, he went on to blame the incident on “the crazy world of these so-called rap artists who are basically thugs that basically celebrate violence they did all their lives.”

“Unfortunately, that violence often times manifests itself during their performances,” he continued.

Yes, hip-hop sometimes places tragedy on a pedestal. But what about when it doesn’t? Or what about the many other rap shows where not a single person got hurt? I guess Bratton doesn’t know that white people are actually the largest consumers of hip hop and rap music Apparently those mean nothing in this instance as we make another veiled, broad attempt at attacking an art form typically associated with black Americans.

Photo Credit: Twitter