Along with losing his anonymity and being meme-ified, hero Charles Ramsey has had to deal with the media digging into his past.

Not long after Ramsey became famous for saving three women who had been kidnapped and held in his neighbor’s house for years, news outlets started reporting about Ramsey’s history of domestic violence.

Now, one of those news outlets, Cleveland’s WEWS, has issued an apology:


TO OUR READERS & FOLLOWERS: We heard you. Wednesday night, we made a poor judgment call in posting a story about Charles Ramsey’s criminal record and how he’s since reformed. While the story was factually sound, the timing of it and publication of such information was not in good taste, and we regret it. Your comments prompted us to quickly remove the story from our website and Facebook page, but we know we can’t erase what we’ve already done. Ramsey is a hero for his actions, and we recognize that. Thank you so much for your feedback.


Read more at Media Bistro.


Should the media have said anything about Ramsey’s history?

Should they have simply waited?

Did knowledge of his past change how you viewed him?

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