A New York-based publication has decided to print a headline that refers to President Obama as “The N***er in the White House.”

The WestView News printed the headline. 

From New York Post:

The shocking headline in the WestView News is a reference to President Obama and sits at the top of Page 15 above an opinion piece that criticizes what it calls the anti-black “racism” of far-right voters.

The convoluted screed by author and journalist James Lincoln Collier is actually a pro-Obama piece — but that didn’t stop West Villagers from decrying the printing of the slur.

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A statement written by the WestView News’ editor-in-chief George Capsis said that:

“Jim Collier is a straight talking man so when a few months ago he wanted to use the word “ni**er” in an article to shock us into accepting that there still are people who believe and use this outrageous word, our editorial staff took collective objection and we did not print it. The editorial staff continues to object. In this article however Jim reminded me that the New York Times avoids using the word which convinced me that WestView should.”

Click here to read Collier’s piece. 

Thoughts on Collier’s use of the word? Does the fact that the op-ed is in support of the president make a difference?

Is it ever appropriate to use the n-word?

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