The historically Black, Washington D.C. located Howard University has been the home to celebrities ever since it opened its doors in the mid-19th century – including celebrities who enrolled in classes after reaching the height of their celebrity. The latest to do so is none other than actor and television host Nick Cannon.

Cannon has been noticeably more public with his support for social activism and the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months and he’s now working to educate himself so that he can do it the best way for all parties.

As part of his curriculum at HU, Cannon is enrolled in a class that meets once a week at the D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility, according to The Washington Post. The 20 students that signed up for “Inside Out: Crime and Justice Behind the Wall” is comprised of 14 inmates and 6 Howard students.

“I want to hear your stories and journeys,” said Cannon, when it was his turn to say why he was the class. “So when I am speaking on these big platforms, I am speaking for all of us, and not just my own opinion.”

Cannon took the opportunity to join in on class discussions about the turning points in life that can send different people down completely contradictory paths.

“I have best friends serving life in fed. People I grew up in the same house with serving 15 years,” he said. “I could have easily been in a different situation. And as all of you know, it’s one mistake that separates me from you, or one mistake that you get caught for.”

In regards to his choice to attend Howard, Cannon cited that going to an HBCU would be able to teach him a lot about both the world and himself.

“When Nick came for the first week, I was blown away,” said Professor Bahiyyah Muhammad, who refers to all of her students as “Doctor” as a means to motivate them. “He was kind of nervous. It was great. He really mirrored my other new or transfer students.”

Photo Credit: Nick Cannon’s Instagram