Big Sean’s new video for “Dance (A$$) Remix” is….okay. But Nicki Minaj’s incredibly raunchy guest verse on “Dance (A$$) Remix” is waaaaay better than ok.

Check out the video (NSFW):


Minaj has perfected the art of what I’ll call raunch-rap. In a male-dominated genre, she owns her sexuality; declaring her sexual desires frankly and unapologetically, while mocking the public’s obsession with her body. Her performance is a stroke of subversive genius, and it immediately reminded me of YouTube sensations The Freaky Bois; two young gay rappers that spit the nastiest, sleaziest, freakiest raps you’ve ever heard.

Like Nicki, The Freaky Bois achieve more than just shock and awe with these songs. They’re wielding raunchy rap music like a weapon, forcing the listener to grapple with their sexual identities. You can either deal with it, or listen to something else. No compromises. No apologies.

And I love it.

Here’s just a sample of The Freaky Bois’ work (NSFW):


Mainstream society wants marginalized communities to neatly box themselves into something that makes them feel comfortable. Well, I don’t want the Gays to compromise for acceptance.

Take the story we reported yesterday;  a young gay couple gets kicked off a CTA Bus for kissing. This is a prime example of the attitude a group like The Freaky Bois attacks with their songs; “We’ll tolerate your lifestyle, just keep it out of my face.”

Bullshit. We shouldn’t settle for “tolerance.” They’ll let you get hitched at city hall, and they’ll let you die on a battlefield in some foreign country, but they’ll still throw you off a bus like some animal for a little PDA.

There’s certainly a place for shows like Modern Family and Glee, presenting safe, relatable, decidedly sterile portrayals of a Gay experience. But there has to be a space for conveying the risky, unrelatable, and raw.

If Big Sean can get into some nasty, dirty, uspeakably freaky shit with his rhymes, then so can Nicki.

And so can The Freaky Bois.