The hotly anticipated debut album from Nicki Minaj, entitled Pink Friday, won’t see a proper release until November 23rd (way too long of a wait, if you ask me), but the leakage has already begun.

And so far, so good. Really, really good.

A few days ago, the (alleged) first official single from the album hit the internet. “Right Through Me,” is a surefire hit, reminiscent of her surprise hit “Your Love,” but far more fleshed-out musically and conceptually. Nicki Minaj paints an engaging picture of the ups and downs of a passionate relationship that may have its tense moments, but is inevitably a positive force in her life. The lyrics are deceptively detailed and thorough, conveying the complexity of the relationship. She laments, “You make me laugh/You make me hoarse/From yellin’ at you/And getting’ at you/Pickin’ up dishes/Throwin’ ‘em at you/Why are you speaking when no one asked you?”

“Right Through Me” is a solid pop song, so get ready to be sick of it in 2 months after radio stations play it relentlessly.

And if it isn’t clear to you already, let me emphatically state that Nick Minaj is going to be a superstar. How do I know? Well, for starters her work on Kanye’s “Monster” turned the song’s previous verses from West and (the almighty) Jay-Z into mere afterthoughts. Her style and persona is fascinating, controversial and unique. Her profile has risen steadily in the past few months, landing cover stories for Vibe, Complex and Out Magazines. She also got a major look performing the Will.I.Am-assisted “Check It Out” at the VMA Pre-Show. And most importantly, she’s got both the industry and fans talking…a lot.

She’s a better rapper than Drake, she’s undoubtedly beautiful, and is fully capable of achieving a level of crossover appeal and success that Lil Wayne never has and probably never will. She has also firmly taken helm of her own ship; she conceptualizes all of her over-the-top looks and outfits, arranges and assists in the production of her music, and writes all of her own lyrics and choruses.

In other words, we don’t have the next big time rapper on our hands, folks. Homegirl’s gonna be a pop star.

A big one.