On Sunday, the North Carolina GOP reported vandalism and firebombing at its Hillsborough office. Apparently, an unknown individual or group of individuals caused fire damage to the inside of the building and spray painted a swastika symbol and the words “Nazi Republicans Get Out of Town Or Else ” on the side of the office.

Thankfully, no one was harmed; however, the rhetoric from the Trump campaign is undoubtedly the motivation for this attack. As this horrible incident shows, the American people are the ones who will ultimately be hurt by Trump’s vitriolic campaign.

This attack appears to be specifically pointed at the Republican operation in North Carolina; yet, the suggestion that Republicans are Nazis suggests hatred toward or frustration with the party itself. It is awful and wrong, but ultimately it is no surprise that violence against the Republican Party and by proxy, the Trump campaign has resulted in this attack on a Republican institution, particularly in North Carolina.

Earlier this year, the North Carolina state legislature was instructed to reverse a voter identification law that federal courts deemed racist and targeted at minorities. Further investigation has revealed that the state GOP is still finding ways to limit minority votes, including cutting down voting hours from what they were in 2012.

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This is certainly not the first act of violence to come out of this political season. In fact, most of it has come from the Republican nominee’ side. Protestors at Trump’s rallies have been beaten up and punched by his supporters, many times with the encouragement of Trump himself. On the other hand, Trump’s supporters have also been attacked by protesters, as hatred for Trump and his campaign motivates people to fight back.

Trump’s entire campaign is violent, whether he is calling for the outright profiling of people of color, the punishment of women who seek abortions, or a systematic deportation of undocumented Mexican immigrants. Trump’s supporters suggest horrible things about his opponent, Hillary Clinton, ranging from “she should be in jail” to “she should be hanged for treason.” Trump himself suggested that perhaps “second amendment people” would “take care” of Hillary Clinton.

Further, although Hillary Clinton quickly condemned the attack, Trump tweeted (without any information) that it was her followers who attacked the campaign office.

The Republican Party must denounce Trump and his campaign if this increasingly hostile political environment is to be deescalated.

Trump has continually undermined American democratic institutions, suggesting that the election will be rigged, and inciting violence on both sides of the aisle. If Republicans wish to protect American political institutions and prevent violence against Americans, they must “dump Trump.” Otherwise, as Trump’s rhetoric becomes more unhinged and more inflammatory,  more Americans may be hurt in the process.

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