FIFA, the organization in charge of running the World Cup which is currently taking place in Brazil, is considering investigating German fans who chose to wear blackface when their team played Ghana.

Pictures of two men in blackface, who appeared to be cheering for Germany, have been circulating the internet. 

From the Daily Mail:

FIFA says its disciplinary committee is in discussion to open a case.

‘We always take any evidence or submissions to our disciplinary committee. It is the disciplinary committee that will meet,’ a spokeswoman told The Guardian. ‘If they see any grounds they will open proceedings. Then it is up to the disciplinary commission to take the decision.’

Read more at the Daily MailFIFA holds national football federations responsible for fan behavior inside stadiums. Fans took to Twitter to express outrage at the fans who decided to paint their faces.

“World Cup Officials cannot allow blatant racism like this Blackface BS happen at games. German fans at Ghana Game,” one tweeted.

Another said: “How does Germany pay homage to Ghana? By being racist in Blackface of course!”

In addition to this incident, a fan also interrupted the Germany-Ghana match by running onto the field. FIFA is also investigating improper language used by fans during the Brazil-Mexico and Mexico-Cameroon games.


Are acts of racism to be expected at these international games?

Should teams be held responsible for fan behavior?

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