The NYPD officer who used a chokehold on Eric Garner minutes before his death has a history of alleged civil rights violations.

Daniel Pantaleo has been sued twice within the past two years

From Slate:

In the first suit, two men—Darren Collins and Tommy Rice—claimed that Pantaleo and other officers stopped and strip-searched them in a broad daylight while they were driving on a Staten Island street. The officers allegedly handcuffed Collins and Rice before pulling down their pants and underwear and searching their genital areas, according to the 2013 lawsuit. The suit was settled out of court with Collins and Rice each receiving $15,000 settlements from the city, their lawyer says.

The second case against Pantaleo, filed by Rylawn Walker in February this year, charges him and another officer with “falsely” arresting and imprisoning Walker. That lawsuit is still pending.

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All three men in the lawsuit were people of color. The officer has been stripped of his gun and badge following the release of video showing Pantaleo using the banned move on Garner.

Garner’s funeral is set for Wednesday in Brooklyn.

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