According to the New York Times, black and Latino New Yorkers are nine times more likely than whites to be “stopped and frisked,” but once stopped, they’re no more likely to be arrested.

And after more than 575,000 stops, the practice has yielded only 762 guns.

Organizations and activists contend that such statistics only further establish that the Stop and Frisk program is “racially driven,” and not particularly effective.

From the New York Times:

“According to the analysis of the 2009 raw data by the Center for Constitutional Rights, nearly 490,000 blacks and Latinos were stopped by the police on the streets last year, compared with 53,000 whites.

But once stopped, the arrest rates were virtually the same. Whites were arrested in slightly more than 6 percent of the stops, blacks in slightly fewer than 6 percent. About 1.7 percent of whites who were stopped were found to have a weapon, while 1.1 percent of blacks were found with one.

Given that, some experts who have studied stop-and-frisk data over the last several years say that what prompts an officer’s suspicion for a stop, and the discretion used, are important.”


Have you ever been “stopped and frisked?”

Is it time for the Justice Dept to investigate the NYPD’s treatment of people of color?

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