Last month, a New York mail carrier was arrested by a group of plain clothes NYPD officers while delivering a package. A portion of the exchange was captured on video and placed the department under harsh public scrutiny for the officers’ actions. According to the New York Daily News, the lieutenant that oversaw the arrest has been punished. 

Lt. Luis Machado was placed on modified duty and stripped of his badge and gun this week. Machado, as well as NYPD Officers Lazo Lluka, Miguel Rodriguez and David Savella, was involved in the embarrassing altercation and reportedly taken off of all elite assignments as a result.

On March 17, Glen Grays was delivering packages in Brooklyn when he was nearly his by a passing car. After avoiding the collision, Grays had some words for the driver of the car. The unmarked car then reportedly backed up and an officer told Grays that they always had the right of way because they were a police officer. A few minutes later, the officers exited their vehicle, handcuffed Grays and took him off to be charged him with resisting arrest. The video was then released by local officials.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton expressed concerns about the arrest earlier this week.

“I am very interested in the charge that was made against this individual, what he was arrested for and the validity of that,” Bratton said Tuesday. “Based on what I witnessed on the various videos I’ve reviewed I have strong concerns about the charge against that individual.”

Grays went on the record asking for an apology from the officers, but doesn’t want them to lose their jobs because he believes everyone makes mistakes and deserves a chance to redeem themselves.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube