The NYPD is at it again.

Audio has surfaced of an NYPD officer bragging about falsely accusing a young, Black male of resisting arrest, and then adding for good measure:

“I fried another nigger.”

According to the Root, the officer stopped the young man as part of the department’s racist “stop and frisk” program. The man had done nothing wrong; when he protested the unnecessary stop and asked for the officer’s badge number, Officer Michael Deragjati promptly arrested him for “resisting arrest.”

The rest of this story is like the best episode of Punk’d I’ve never seen.

According to the New York Times:

“The next day, the government intercepted a phone call between Officer Daragjati and a female friend in which the officer complained that he had just gotten out of court on the stop-and-frisk case, but that it had been worth the hassle.

“I sat there for a couple of hours by the time I got it all done but, fried another nigger,” the officer says on a transcript provided by prosecutors. “What?” The woman asks. Officer Daragjati uses the same phrase and then adds, “no big deal.” The woman laughs.

Officer Daragjati was charged with a misdemeanor civil rights violation that carries a sentence of up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000, prosecutors said.”

We’re stoked this Officer got caught, but a misdemeanor?

In this “post-racial” world we live in, society wants us to think we’re too sensitive, or imagining things when we speak out against the consistent mistreatment (to put it lightly) of our communities at the hands of law enforcement.

Well, did we imagine this one?

This guy just so happened to have gotten caught. How ’bout we imagine all of the young men and women sitting in jail right now over this same racist, abusive bullshit with no legal recourse whatsoever. They aren’t just roughing us up out here; they are potentially ruining our young people’s lives!

How much longer are we going to allow them to do this to us? We’ve got to stand up and demand the dignity and fairness we deserve.

Thoughts on the latest, racist cop to bite the dust at the hands of his own bigotry?

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