The NYPD has issued a new directive to its officers, requiring them to run criminal background checks on both the accused and the victim of domestic violence.

The NYPD says there’s no “must arrest” policy when it comes to abuse victims.

But domestic violence is already an under-reported crime. Wouldn’t such a policy dissuade victims from reporting incidents of abuse?

From Clutch Mag:

Marilyn Chinitz, a matrimonial lawyer who often represents abused women, said the policy harms those police should be protecting.

“You’re arresting the victim?” Chinitz said. “That is crazy.

“That is very, very frightening. It would absolutely dissuade people. They would not report a crime because they would fear getting locked up.

“It would empower the perpetrator, and there’s going to be more domestic violence as a consequence, and you’re endangering children,” Chinitz said, noting that kids often live in households where one parent is being abused.



Thoughts on yet another controversial NYPD policy?

Will it dissuade victims from reporting abuse?

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