Get your popcorn ready, folks.

Tonight is the first of three presidential debates. President Obama will face off against GOP contender Mitt Romney.

And with Romney still trailing in the polls, it’s safe to assume he’ll pull out all the stops to turn things around.

But will it be enough?

From NewsOne:

“Wednesday’s 9 p.m. EDT face-off between Obama and Romney on domestic policy at the University of Denver is sure to offer a blend of choreography and spontaneity: Both men have spent hours rehearsing smart lines and pithy comebacks with proxy opponents – yet know to expect the unexpected.

“That’s what so tricky about this,” says Alan Schroeder, author of a book on presidential debates. “There’s never a template for preparing because each one takes its own direction.”

The central role of the economy in this election is evident in the topics selected for the first three of the night’s six debate segments: The Economy I, The Economy II, and The Economy III. The last three segments will focus on health care, the role of government, and governing.”


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