October 3rd, 2011


Forbes writer E.D. Kain has written a pretty good op/ed regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement, arguing that while it’s impossible for anyone to predict where things are heading, there’s also nothing wrong with a little Progressive pushback given the incredible Tea Party racket we’ve all been subjected to over the past couple of years.

Best quote:

“I can’t predict the future. Anyone who pretends they can is selling you something. But the times do appear to be changing. Republicans are accusing the president of class warfare. It sounds a lot like someone complaining that they got hit back first.

Maybe a little class warfare is just the thing this country needs.”



Oh, and did we mention that JPMorgan Chase gave $4.6 million dollars to the NYPD earlier this year?

Do you think the NYPD’s top brass remembered that when Occupy Wall Street started gaining steam a couple weeks ago?

Was that when they started indiscriminately pepper-spraying, kettling, and arresting demonstrators?

Of course not.



Bishop Eddie Long has apparently notified 3 of his 5 accusers that he wants his settlement money back, because they have refused to keep quiet over what occurred between them and the good Reverend.

Of course, most of his accusers are literally on record saying they don’t even remotely care about the settlement money, and will be speaking out regardless.

And this actually makes perfect sense.

Because who cares if Bishop Long wants his money back. Imagine all the things his accusers would like to have back; like innocence, anonymity, and normalcy, just to name a few.

You know…things you can’t really buy back.

But enjoy the money, Bishop!



Hank Williams Jr. – the famous country singer who wrote the Monday Night Football theme song – was on that terrible Fox and Friends show recently, weighing in on the GOP presidential race.

And then he inexplicably compared Obama to Hitler.

Check out the insanity below.


C’mon now, Hank. We all have our grievances. If given the opportunity to run this country, we’d all do things differently.

But really, Hank? Hitler?

Remember when the Dixie Chicks said Bush’s foreign policy made them ashamed to be from Texas…and then promptly faced boycotts from country music radio stations, mass burnings of their albums, and total annihilation in the press?

Yeah, times have changed.