Famed recording artist Talib Kweli is on the ground with thousands of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri who are calling for justice for slain teen Michael Brown.

The 18-year-old black unarmed youth was gunned down on Aug. 9 by police officer Darren Wilson.

Kweli alleges police are the real agitators behind the tense protests occurring in Ferguson. He said the protestors are actually being peaceful. 

From Twitter: 

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Watch footage from Talib Kweli’s Instagram account:

As he marched alongside journalist Rosa Clemente, poet Jessica Care Moore and other civil rights activists and community members, Kweli and the group had an up close encounter with Ferguson police.

Here’s an excerpt of a statement released by Talib regarding Ferguson:

“The same U.S. government policies that arm the State of Israel have also turned police departments across the nation into localized military garrisons armed with sophisticated weapons aimed at citizens. As one Palestinian youth tweeted recently, “Made in USA teargas canister was shot at us a few days ago in #Palestine by Israel, now they are used in ‪#Ferguson‬.”

Click here to read Kweli’s full statement. 

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