How has Hip-Hop  lost its course in this world? There is too much of a musical backbone to inspire and work from. Now a days the dumber the song the better the song. The “main stream” industry has trampled our freedom. You constantly hear artist complain of how they can’t make music like they want.  To many, music is the #1 escape from the world, and we all know a cold world.  When do we really get away?  We take the first chance we get to escape, turn on the radio and end up where we started . What’s music if not freedom music?

I always picture the beginning of music starting with four Sacred masters that conducted, instructed, and wrote music among st themselves.  This music was the only thing they had to stay sane. Music became a survival tactic. No instructions, no dotted lines, just the nitty gritty offense against the world. The value of music expression has been terminated and replaced with first class nonsense. Words have lost meanings, break downs have gained souls. The ghost of hip hop can never lay to rest  peacefully.

Either a old head that 2 steps to the sound of live instruments, or the young buck that’s been glued to the dusty’s , hold on to your music. Don’t get sucked into the cluttered  confusion of today’s sound. Spread the knowledge of “real” music, stay true to the roots. We have to know where we’ve been to figure out where we’re going. httpv://