Ohio State Police released a statement to explain what happened this past Monday in an incident that was widely shared on social media.

A video captured and posted to Twitter by a witness shows OSU police officers forcing a young Black man to the ground after taking his bag and ignoring his numerous inquiries into why he was being arrested.

Ohio State sophomore Leonna Bell, who recorded the arrest, told The Tab that an officer on a bicycle had been following the man for a couple of blocks before approaching him.

“I never would have thought anything about the situation until I saw the cop circling on his bike,” she said. “Even after his detainment he was not the concern–the police were with their actions.”

The Ohio State Police Department has since released a statement explaining that the man wasn’t arrested. Instead, they say he was taken to a local hospital. The department claims officers were looking for an individual who was reportedly armed and a danger to himself and others.

Earlier today, The Ohio State University Police Division responded to an urgent report that a person may intend to harm himself and may have a weapon. Officers quickly located the individual. Based on their observations at the scene, they took action deemed necessary to protect the safety of all. The individual was not arrested and no injuries have been reported. He was transported to the hospital for a well-being check, which is standard protocol when police believe an individual may harm themselves. Ohio State Police will thoroughly review this incident, as we do all such cases. The safety and security of the campus community is our number one priority.

This altercation raises many questions about use of force and policing on college campuses. However, at this point, it seems that the man involved is safe.