I wanted to write about something serious…really. I’ve had enlightening conversations and exchanges about abortion, interracial dating, the crack epidemic, and Marcus Garvey’s legacy in the past couple days. But I really just want to do hood rat things with my friends. My life has been hectic for the past couple months and since I just started a new position it will likely remain hectic until I settle in properly. There are a couple things that are weighing on my heart right now. And I really just have to get them off of my chest.

First, Rick Ross is making a fool out of us! Anyone that listens to his music is an informant and I don’t want to hear any opinions to the contrary.

Rap music has somewhat been a representative confrontation between rappers (and the community they represent) and law and order. Whose side is Rick Ross on here? How can you be anti-establishment, selling coke, whipping work but then admit to being a correctional officer? Is his music actually satire? Or is he just another example of how hip-hop has fallen from the realm of expressivity to fairy tales? I just don’t get it. I know I’m tired of these characters the music industry is manufacturing. But I guess since y’all keep listening he’ll keep posturing.

Second, NFL season is gearing up and I could not be more excited. Brett Favre is being greased up like the Tin Man. Cowboys fans hate Donovan McNabb times a million now that he’s playing for that team in DC. No analysts are picking the Patriots to win more than 10 games, which means they will probably win the Super Bowl. And last but not least, the Cincinnati Bengals roster looks like VH1s weekend lineup.

I will say this; I’m not completely against Terrell Owens and OchoCinco playing together. I wonder how many games they will play on VH1. But I also believe that Terrell Owens knows that it’s time to put up AND shut up. If he manages decent numbers and a deep run into the playoffs, the Hall of Fame is within reach. If he allows the inevitable maelstrom of negative press he will receive to throw him off of his game, he will forever be known as a team cancer. Sure, he’s getting up there in age but I’m sure he still has a couple seasons left in his legs. It could be worse.

He could be getting injected with KY.