On this day 48 years ago, Malcolm X was assassinated during a speaking engagement in Harlem.

Malcolm X continues to be revered around the world for his commitment to self-determination and liberation for people of color.

His commanding onstage presence and speaking abilities, intelligence, and passion for social justice are as inspiring today as they were while he was alive.

A truly great and deeply missed man; but his legacy lives on.

From NewsOne:

Although silenced for reasons still yet to be revealed officially, Malcolm X and his message still stirs the souls of many. While his earlier stances regarding the position of Black Americans came with a heavy-handed tone, the underlying truth was that Malcolm X preached about being self-sufficient in the face of divisiveness and adversity. Even when his words took a more humanist approach, Malcolm X was still a champion for the liberation of African Americans and Black people the world over.

One could say his growth was expected given the harsh circumstance he lived under, but it’s better to say Malcolm X found his tireless determination by way of unshakeable faith. There are several valuable lessons to learn if one chooses to study his life carefully.

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Rest in Peace, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.


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