Every two minutes, someone becomes a victim of sexual assault in America. 80 percent of the victims are under age 30, and 44 percent are under the age of 18.

Often, the victim is afraid to come forward, and when she/he does, they are shamed, questioned and even blamed for the act.

But a powerful Twitter exercise is bringing to light just how many victims of sexual assault exist. 

From Buzzfeed: 

Prompted by a discussion over how women “shouldn’t dress,” Twitter user @steenfon asked her followers a question:

Can I ask a question? If there are any women on my TL who are victims of sexual assault & don’t mind sharing something?

What were you wearing when you’re assaulted? Let me know if it’s ok to RT your response. Thank you in advance for sharing. <3

The response was overwhelming:

@steenfox pink princess pajamas. I was 6. Ok to RT

@steenfox 19 yrs old, a blouse and fitted jeans. Told me it was the only way he would take me back home. OK to RT.

@steenfox 24. t-shirt & panties. at knifepoint in my own home. I said “no” & almost didn’t live to see today. (ok to RT)

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Some of the women were dressed for school. Others assaulted while heading to work. According to RAINN, 73 percent of sexual assaults are executed by friends or associates of the victim.

This was also reflected in the women’s answers.

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