Last year on this very day, the Detroit Police Department’s Special Response Team, while filming the reality TV show “First 48“, targeted the wrong house for a raid. Witnesses said the Police were warned that the house contained women and children before they threw a flash grenade through the widow, striking a sleeping Aiyana Jones, setting her on fire. Then Officer Joseph Weekly fired a shot into the home striking Aiyana Jones and killing her.

Instead of admitting any wrongdoing and trying to make amends, the Detroit Police concocted a false story that Officer Joseph Weekly burst through the door of the home and that Aiyana’s grandmother, seeing a member of the SWAT team in full armor with a machine gun, tried to wrestle the gun away from the Officer, causing the gun to go off and hit little Aiyana as she was still apparently sleep after all of the noises of grenades, glass breaking, and doors being kicked down.

The Family’s lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger, who watched the video tape of the shooting, completely decimated the Detroit Police Department’s made up story and a independent autopsy verified that Aiyana was shot in the top of her head while she slept. Because of the lies of the Detroit Police, Aiyana’s grandmother was heartlessly arrested, right after she witnessed her granddaughter set on fire and murdered. The Police wouldn’t even allow her to check on the other children in the house to make sure they were safe.

One year later no one has been charged in the death of Aiyana Jones or even fired. Officer Joseph Weekly is currently still employed by the Detroit Police Department, just on “desk duty”. A press release from the Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee states:

As of 12:00 a.m., May 16, 2011, the Wayne County Prosecutors Office in Detroit has not charged Detroit Police Officer Joe Weekley or anyone with the senseless and brutal murder of 7 year old Aiyana Jones. And despite the numerous complaints, and worldwide outrage, justice for Aiyana Jones in Detroit appears to have gone cold.

Once again another Black child falls victim to police brutality with nothing even resembling justice on the horizon. All while a Black man, District Attorney Eric Holder sits at the head of the Justice Department and another Black Man, President Barack Obama sits in the White House. I guess voting isn’t the answer to our problems.

A few months ago I made a video called “Three Little Girls” to remind us of how violent a society we live in in the United States of America. The last verse is dedicated to the the memory of Aiyana Jones, may she rest in peace.