Oprah Winfrey made headlines recently after divulging that she was on the receiving end of blatant racism at a high-end store in Zurich, Switzerland.

Winfrey had inquired about a very pricey handbag, and was told it was “too expensive” for her.

The shop owner has since called the incident a “misunderstanding.”

From BBC:

Winfrey said she left the shop calmly without arguing, but that the experience was proof that racism continues to be a problem.

“There’s two different ways to handle it,” she said.

“I could’ve had the whole blow-up thing… but it still exists, of course it does.”

Shop owner Trudie Gotz told the BBC that an assistant had shown Winfrey several other items before the “misunderstanding” over a $35,000 (£22,500) bag, which was kept behind a screen.

Winfrey’s claims are a public relations disaster for Switzerland, our correspondent says.

A Swiss tourism representative has since issued an apology to Winfrey.

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