P. Diddy is stirring up a bit of racial controversy after posting a photo of  white women bowing down to a black queen. Early Saturday morning, the star’s Instagram comment section erupted with cheers for the image, but also some very hateful racist remarks and sentiments came to light.

Diddy posted the photo with the caption, “As it should be!!!! #Blackisbeautiful

From Madame Noire:

Here’s a sample (we’ll quote them without sharing names):

“All the white chicks on this post look better than this black b***h”

“I see it as him telling black women you are beautiful and it’s time we see that. I don’t see the black woman being pulled down but instead lifted by white women…”

“‘As it should be?’ Wrong! That’s counter racism! That’s just as ignorant with the roles turned around.”

“Boy please…then why u don’t use black females as lead models then??? Hypocrite!”

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More than 8,000 comments have since been posted to the photo, with some wondering why Diddy posted it.

Thoughts on the photo and its comments?

Was Diddy being a racist?

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