Learning to love my androgynous and masculine Black womanhood

I have many traumas from the social conditioning of compulsory femininity, more than I am willing to share here. Like a thousand paper cuts, they add up to something unspeakably painful.


Shondaland on Law and Order (and Trump’s America) in ‘For The People’

For The People take a hyper-critical look at our courts and justice system, inviting Shondaland audiences, new and old, to consider the current lapse of national consciousness.


My mother, my Black feminist role model, is more than her motherhood

Our feminist references don’t have to be taught to us. We don’t have to wait for the establishments of feminism to articulate what the women of our communities are already doing.


It’s no surprise more women are being imprisoned as less men are. We need abolition, not reforms.

By Stanley Fritz Last year during Mother’s day weekend, the National Bail out Collective, a coalition... more



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