How Tyrese used misogynoir and Black patriarchy to gain sympathy, support, and joint custody

Relying on racial stereotypes of Black women, Tyrese successfully changed the narrative to one that demanded sympathy for himself rather than his victims.


Comcast removed Net Neutrality promises the same day the FCC announced plans to repeal

In a speech to a conservative think tank, FCC chairman Ajit Pai seemed to paint the problem of an open... more


Rediscovering the Black Girl Magic in literature that was snuffed out of my childhood

By Jessica Dulaney All my life I have believed in the magic of literature, but only a few years ago did... more


North Korea performs intercontinental missile test after the U.S. names it a sponsor of terrorism

North Korea's previous missile test occurred in mid-September, around the same time that President Trump badmouthed North Korea to the United Nations. 



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