When a Black woman tells you her worth, believe her the first time

If others wouldn't expect to work for free or be paid less than what they are due, why should Black women have to?


For Black people who avoid mental health treatment for reasons other than our “culture” or fear of malpractice

Content Warning: rape, mental health “… mad methodology resists rote positivism and defies... more


A brown girl who #BleedsGreen: Finding joy in the Eagles Super Bowl win

We claim our ignored, attention-deprived middle child syndrome with pride, and I'm sure this pride is at the heart of the city that bleeds Eagles green.


Rethinking and retooling the “wife school” people always expect Black women to attend

In this conversation, which is always heteropatriarchal and cisnormative, one of my chief concerns is what we should be teaching Black women about marriage.



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