“Thinking Blackly”: State violence, U.S. law, and legal death dealing

When it comes to death dealing, the police will not hesitate and they will not be adequately punished. Black death, like Black life, is illegible to both law and law enforcement.


A Black woman transforms conditioned silence into language: How Audre Lorde induced my rebirth

Editor’s Note: April is Black Women’s History Month. Throughout this month, Black Youth Project is... more


UCPD’s shooting of student in mental health crisis highlights the academy’s role in police brutality

By Cosette Hampton Last Tuesday night, an officer of the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD)... more


White liberals stay predicting dystopias caused by whiteness—without doing anything about it

Editor’s Note: This piece is excerpted from a talk I did for Cal State LA’s Black Future... more



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