Sonya Renee Taylor’s ‘The Body Is Not An Apology’: Unlocking the radical self-love that is already ours

The reader must be prepared for the ugly, hidden, hurting parts of themselves that will be uncovered as Taylor pulls back the layers hindering us from radical self-love.


Meg’s journey in ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ reminds me of my own struggle with love

In the same way that Meg, to free her brother and herself from “the It,” had to utter the words, “I love you” with confidence, so must I.


Working through anti-Black ideas around HIV while my partner is HIV positive

Something is wrong with my liver. That’s what the test results my doctor sent to my inbox say, at... more


Romance is not the only type of Black love that matters

I want us to expand the mainstream idea of Black love to include platonic, queerplatonic, communal, and other non-romantic relationships among Black people.



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