Let’s talk about phenotype and global Blackness

People will interpret my phenotype as whatever is familiar or logical for them, based on how Blackness and mixed-ness looks in their region.


Here’s a list of 20 of the dopest Black comics set to takeover 2018. You’re welcome!

By Terrence Sage The following is a list of comics either ongoing or releasing this year. It is focused... more


Climate changes costs the U.S. big, new report reveals

Do policy-setting people who can hop private planes to avoid catastrophic storms even care about climate change and its effects?


As a Black woman, I won’t say #Metoo in Rose McGowan’s* movement

Rose McGowan’s new E! docu-series is yet another reminder of why I cannot, in good faith, say #Metoo in the movement she stole from Tarana Burke.



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