When I’m not having raucous debates about politics and public policy, or lampooning self-conscious celebrities, I’m thinking about what I want to wear. Of course, too some extent, we all think about which pair of pants we are going to put on in the morning. However, I like to use my body as a canvas and paint portraits with my outfits. If it sounds a little out there, it’s probably because it is. However, I like to think of what I wear as an outward expression of inner-most thoughts.

On days when I’m feeling militant, I might wear a brown or olive colored military jacket, with boots, and a beret. On days when I feel scholarly I may wear a tweed jacket with elbow pads and oversized frames. I like to satisfy my childhood desires of playing different characters through my sense of fashion. Below are two videos, that illustrate how I like to express myself through clothing. The first video is me getting dressed while simultaneously taking the long way home. The second video is of two of my favorite fashion icons, Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette’s Sartorial Sounds fashion shoot.