A Minnesota pastor has been charged with sexually assaulting two young girls. Jacoby Kindred, a minister in Maplewood, Minnesota is denying any wrongdoing, adding that “the devil” was in the victims.

From Pioneer Press:

Kindred told [one of the victims] that if she told her mother, the mother would not believe her. He would give her rides to her boyfriend’s house, where she wasn’t allowed to be. Kindred threatened to tell her mother about the boyfriend visits if she did not agree to have sex with him, the girl said.

“These are not really kids,” Kindred said when reached by phone¬†Thursday. “They have the mind of the adult.”

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The victims are the daughters of his son’s girlfriend. According to authorities, the abuse has been going on as early as the girls were 6-years-old.

The incidents were said to have taken place mostly at Kindred’s home, where the girls now 14 and 16, often stayed.


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