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Over 6,000 teachers lost their jobs due to restructuring within the Chicago Public School system. Now, a group of black teachers is calling for an investigation into the practice, claiming that thousands of African American educators are unfairly targeted. 

A petition, created by Rosita Chatonda of Chicago, states that similar trends are happening in almost every large urban major school district highly populated by African American teachers, and list cities like New Orleans, Detroit and Philadelphia as examples.


Nationwide over 100,000 African American Teachers have been terminated.  Massive termination of African-American teachers since the late 1990s needs an explanation. We need the following investigations:

We need to see an investigation how on  E3s or Corrective Action in other states  are executed.

We need to see an investigation on possible repercussion on African American teachers who advocate against the expulsions and suspension of Black students;

We need to see an investigation on pseudo evaluation performed on teachers who care a lot to get involved and help students get the resources the need;

We are demanding that government looking into practices that CPS attorneys do that are not in compliance with the law, i.e bring  unsubstantiated charges against teachers;

Lastly, we are asking why thousands of teachers who pay Union dues over several decades are unable to get due process by our collective bargaining.  In other words, the unions have not protected us.


The petition is requesting that those in support of an investigation contact Attorney General Eric Holder, the White House and The United States Secretary of Education.

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Should the Department of Justice launch an investigation into the mass firings?

In your opinion, what’s the best way to go about providing quality education to America’s youth?

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