The NAACP has existed for 104 years, and not once has a woman held the position of President. 

But in the wake of Ben Jealous’ resignation, one online petition is hoping to change that fact.

The petition, launched by contributor Michael H. Cottman, addresses why the NAACP needs to consider the change.


After 104 years, the nation’s largest – and oldest – civil rights organization should evolve and move into the future for the first time with a woman at the helm.

From Benjamin Hooks, to Benjamin Chavis, to Kweisi Mfume, to Benjamin Jealous, it’s not only time for the NAACP to elect a woman president, but there shouldn’t be another NAACP president named Benjamin either.


Cottman contends that NAACP National Chairman Roslyn Brock, who has been a member of the organization for 29 years, be considered for the title.

He also cites Ebony’s list of potential female candidates who are notable in the community.


Ben Jealous made history by being the youngest president to ever be elected.

Is it time for a woman to make history by being the first?

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