An online petition has been created in hopes of bringing more serious charges against a Nebraska bus driver who violently beat a passenger.

In March, Troy Fischer, 43, was fired from the StarTran Bus Service after brutally attacking and dragging a passenger off a bus for “asking too many questions.”

The petition, created by Reynard Allison calls for swift attention to the incident. 


We demand that Local 1293 disavow and repudiate this senseless act of abuse enacted by Troy Fischer who by the way was charged with “suspicion of misdemeanor assault.” The balance of fairness is severely skewed in this case and countless others. We must demand fairness and hold accountable anyone who exacts this type of malice against another human being who has not caused threat or harm. A spokeswoman for the ATU, Marilyn Kruger, told 1011 News she has seen the video and that, “It does not accurately reflect who this man (Fischer) is.” She does not think it should be released, calling it “inflammatory.” She also said, “He’s a good and decent man,” and should not lose his job. We ask, what was good or decent about his actions? They were heinous, criminal, savage and reprehensible.


In the video released by the city of Lincoln, Fischer is heard reprimanding the passenger for asking a question about a bus route. The rider was new to the area and needed directions.

Watch the video:

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