If you pick up the latest cover of Elle magazine, you’ll see a familiar face. Music entertainer Pharrell Williams gave his omnipresent Vivienne Westwood mountie hat a rest for the shoot, but what he selected has people crying foul.

Williams wore a Native American feather headdress for the oug Inglish photographed shoot.

From Huffington Post:

In fact, the Native American community and beyond are expressing their anger over the honored accessory’s misappropriation via social media. Search the hashtag #NotHappy and you’ll see just how pissed folks are. And some are calling for the 41-year-old musician and fashion glossy to issue an apology.

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Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and H&M were all confronted with backlash for their attempts to turn the American Indian headdress into a fashion statement. Guess Elle UK missed the memo.

Should Pharrell have stepped in and protested the shoot?

How do you feel about the cover?

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