18 year-old Philadelphia student Cameron Clarke is making headlines for scoring a perfect 2400 on the SATs.

Out of 1.66 million test takers, Cameron is one of only 360 who scored a 2400.

And he’s a multi-faceted young man; a cellist for the Philadephia Youth Orchestra, the editor of his school newspaper, and a member for his school’s cross country team.

Diverse Education asked Clarke if he had any advice for young people struggling with school and considering dropping out:

From Diverse Education:

“I think that there are two possible solutions, one intrinsic and one extrinsic. The intrinsic solution would be to find just one academic area that motivates you, be it math, history, literature, science, or what have you. Once you’ve determined (the) area that truly brings you pleasure, go at it with everything you have. Having even one thing to latch onto at school … can make a world of difference in your overall attitude to learning …

“My extrinsic solution is admittedly a little bit more cynical. In today’s society, for better or for worse, educated individuals are a much more desirable commodity in our economy than are uneducated individuals. That is to say, educated individuals often hold much more economic clout. What does that translate to? Money!”

Congratulations to Cameron Clarke.

We see big things on the horizon for this young man!

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