A new debate is emerging on social media that could reveal the sentiments of Americans in relation to body image and women. A plus-sized modeling company posted a pictured of an image of a plus-sized Barbie doll on its Facebook page in hopes of finding out what people thought about the idea.

Read some of the comments below.

From Plus Size Modeling Facebook:

¬†Sure, but Barbie doesn’t need a double chin. You can be ‘plus size’ w/o the double chin. They could make a ‘thick’ Barbie.

Not every big girl is unfit or unhealthy! I’m sick of people saying someone is unhealthy because of their size!!! An average size Barbie would be awesome and would probably boost confidence to millions of little girls everywhere!!!!!¬†

So the choice is anorexic barbie or obese barbie? Good one.

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Most visitors who commented took issue not with the doll’s size, but her portrayal. The doll is presented as obese, instead of a normal weight that isn’t too fat or too thin.

What do you think?

Is it time for our children to play with a plus-sized doll?

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