A 23-year-old Jacksonville woman is charged with five counts of child neglect after police said she left five children in a vehicle in 92-degree heat Wednesday.

Betty Brunson’s relationship with the children is unclear, but she was getting a job application form at a business at the time of her arrest. 

From News 4:

According to the Department of Children and Families, the children are from three different families, and four are younger than 6, including a baby. The fifth child is 8 years old.

A witness alerted police to the kids in the car, which was turned off with the windows rolled down 4-6 inches, police said.

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Officers stayed with the car and had Brunson paged in the store. They say they checked store surveillance camera clocks against the time the witness called and determined she’d been in the store for 15 minutes.

The children did not need medical attention.

This case is under investigation by DCF. According to Florida law, any parent, legal guardian or other person who is responsible for a child 6 or younger should not leave the child unattended in a car longer than 15 minutes while the vehicle is turned off.

This woman was clearly attempting to better her situation.

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