What a shock.

According to a recent poll, 64 percent of New Yorkers say the NYPD favors whites over blacks.

Specifically, a whopping 80 percent of blacks harbor this view, compared to 48 percent of whites.

New Yorkers are split regarding the controversial “stop and frisk” program, particularly along racial lines.

From the New York Times:

“The poll found that a majority of black residents said the stop-and-frisk tactic had led to the harassment of innocent people, but most white residents viewed the practice as an acceptable way to improve urban safety.

Among all New Yorkers, 48 percent said the tactic was ‘acceptable to make New York City safer,’ while almost as many — 45 percent — deemed the tactic ‘excessive.’ Most of those surveyed rejected Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s chief rationale for the practice, saying they did not think that stopping and frisking suspicious people had lowered the crime rate or reduced the use of illegal guns.

‘Stop-and-frisk would be a good idea if they did it right,’ Jose Aponte, 64, a retired doorman who lives in the Bronx, said in a follow-up interview after the poll. ‘But it’s not decreasing crime or guns. There are more shootings every day.'”

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