According to a recent ABC News-Washington Post poll, 53 percent of Americans support same-sex marriages, while only 39 percent (an all-time low) say they oppose them.

Tellingly, a whopping 59 percent of African Americans say they support same-sex marriage, up from 41 percent prior to President Obama’s announcement.

Though the results are tentative (because of the small sample of black voters), they suggest that the media may be blowing the predominance of “black homophobia” out of proportion, and that President Obama’s announcement has significantly impacted public opinion on the issue of marriage equality.

From Colorlines:

“‘This is why they call it a bully pulpit, and why presidential leadership extends far beyond debating Congress,’ said Kai Wright,’s Editorial Director. ‘Reactionary politics have always found a powerful tool in fear, in stirring horrific fantasies that the sky will fall if we strip away layers of privilege and exclusion. My family will hate me if I come out. Voters will hate me if I stand up for what I believe. But polls have shown consistently that when LGBT people and their allies stand up and lead, people in all communities follow.'”


Has the media overstated the predominance of homophobia in the black community?

Has President Obama’s announcement been a game-changer on the issue of marriage equality?

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