Opposition to reparations has been widespread, and the results of a recent poll shows that sentiment has not changed much.

Latest research from YouGov shows a significant divide, along both racial and political lines about the topic. 

From YouGov:

Most white Americans (51%) say that slavery is ‘not a factor at all’ in the lower average wealth of black Americans, something only 14% of black Americans agree with. Among black Americans attitudes are turned on their head, with 48% saying that slavery is a ‘major factor’ in lower wealth levels today, something only 14% of white Americans agree with.

On this issue there is a significant political divide as well as a racial one. Most Democrats (54%) say that these more recent examples of discrimination are a ‘major factor’ in lower average wealth levels for black Americans, something only 14% of Republicans agree with. Overall most Americans – including 61% of whites – say that the discrimination of the 20th century is a factor in continued lower wealth.

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Researchers found even greater racial divisions when the issue of reparations was brought up during the poll. Just 6 percent of white Americans support cash payments to descendants of slaves, compared to 59 percent of black Americans. 19 percent of whites, and 63 percent of blacks support special education and job training programs for the descendants of slaves.

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