Just a few thoughts on 9/11 I wanted to share which I thought were more appropriate a day after. As the above graphic clearly shows, 9/11 went from the supposed pursuit of one man to endless wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

In Afghanistan where 9/11 was used as the primary reason to invade, one story showed over 90% have never heard of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

One of the principle reasons for going to war is more money for the military industrial complex and post 9/11 was different only in the incredible amount of money spent. According to Think Progress:

“Nearly ten years after the United States sent our military forces into Afghanistan, our country has spent $1.2 trillion engaging in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the National Priorities Project (NPP). The wars are expected to cost much more than that by their conclusion, with some estimates ranging up to $3 trillion for the Iraq war alone.

To put it into perspective, the article further states 1.2 trillion dollars could ” provide 63.3 Million Scholarships For University Students Every Year For Ten Years”.

Last year, prior to 9/11 when all of the focus was on a pastor who wanted to burn the Qur’an and the building of an Islamic center blocks away from where the attacks took place but inexplicably labeled the “Ground Zero Mosque”, I wrote a song called “Wandering Stranger”.

The plan was to release the video prior to 9/11, but I was invited to participate in an event called “Interdependence Day” in Berlin, Germany, by the Gathering for Justice.

I ended up collaborating with a phenomenal artist named Mike De La Rocha and performing the song live on 9/11 while he played the acoustic guitar. It’s a performance I’ll never forget.