During a campaign stop in Colorado, President Obama, widely considered the first black president, called himself a “mixed kid”:

Lately it’s been a rare occurrence when President Obama talks race but at a campaign stop in Colorado Wednesday he mentioned it and even identified himself as mixed-raced.

“Education was a gateway for opportunity for me, let’s face it, as a mixed kid from Hawaii born to a single-mom, it’s not likely to become President of the United States,” Obama told supporters at a campaign stop Golden, CO.

The President was delivering a speech on how education can be a gateway of opportunity.

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Although it will not likely be an issue come election day, as Colorlines points out, the POTUS has refrained from talking about race and has not recently employed terms like “black” or “African American” when referring to himself.

Assuming the president is being deliberate with language, as he usually is, what is he signalling by referring to himself as mixed?




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