President Obama gave remarks following the shooting of 12 Dallas police officers, 5 of whom were killed. Speaking from the NATO Summit in Warsaw, Poland, he declared that there is “no possible justification for these kindsĀ of attacks, or any violence against law enforcement.”

President Obama stated that “we do not know all the facts, but we know that…these law enforcement officers were targeted.” He called the attacks “vicious” and “twisted.”

The president reminded Americans of the sacrifices that police officers make and asked citizens to support their police officers. He also stated that access to powerful weapons make these kinds of attacks easier to carry out.

Just yesterday, President Obama also condemned the shootings of two black men, Alston Sterling and Philando Castile, at the hands of police officers. He called on Americans to empathize with the families, and noted that all Americans should be troubled by these shootings.


Photo Credits: NBC News screenshot