President Obama just barely raised more money than GOP rival Mitt Romney in the month of August; securing $114 million, as opposed to Mitt Romney’s $111 million.

Although this is certainly an achievement (especially since Democrats have not out-raised Republicans in four months), this is the third month in a row that Mitt Romney has raised over $100 million. The Obama campaign raised $75 million in July.

As NewsOne notes, the tone of Romney’s campaign has begun a shift towards the center as we hit the final stretch of the campaign.

From NewsOne:

“The Republican hopeful showed signs of taking a new, more centrist tack toward health care and defense spending as he starts the next leg of his campaign with a Monday rally in Mansfield, Ohio, a pivotal region in a battleground state. Obama, who spent the weekend campaigning in Florida, is scheduled to be at the White House.

After weeks of pushing conservative GOP themes leading up to the party convention in Tampa, Fla., Romney’s less partisan tone comes as the race shifts toward the Nov. 6 election, which is expected to be decided in fewer than 10 states where neither Romney nor Obama has a significant advantage.

Romney said in an interview that aired Sunday that he would keep in place elements of the federal health-care law signed by Obama in 2010. On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Romney said: “I’m not getting rid of all of health care reform. Of course, there are a number of things that I like in health care reform that I’m going to put in place.”

Campaign aides said Romney’s endorsement of parts of Obama’s Affordable Care Act was consistent with his previous position that those who haven’t had a gap in coverage shouldn’t be denied coverage.

The comments brought renewed attention to the similarities between the bill Obama signed and the one Romney championed when he was governor of Massachusetts.”


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