The president of Morehouse College has spoken up about the Spelman student who had been raped. The college is pursuing an investigation regarding allegations that a women attending the neighboring Spelman College was gang-raped by four Morehouse students at a party,which the student anonymously shared on Twitter under the moniker @RapedAtSpelman.

The Morehouse College president, John Wilson, wants and urges the student to come and talking to him saying, “we will feel your pain and join you in finding justice.”

It seems like Wilson is taking this issue seriously for two reasons.

“It’s important to get to the bottom of it because first and foremost, I care about this Spelman student. I care about her as a victim, and who is afraid because she feels like the culture at the AUC does not allow her to come out and say what happened. I also care because here, we may have four students accused on our campus who may have done something that is in stark contradiction to who we are, and that is completely unacceptable. Therefore, I have asked my police chief Valerie Dawson to launch an investigation.”

This video, produced by NBC, comes after the Twitter account caught national attention, and brought up responses from news outlets and people like Marc Lamont Hill.

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This is not the first time that Morehouse College students have sexually assaulted a member from their sister school. In 2013, four Morehouse college students – three basketball players and one football player – were charged with rape in two separate cases.

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Their names were Malcom Jamal Frank, a junior; Tevin Mgbo, also a junior; and senior Chukwudi Ndudikwa. The named football player was Lucien Kidd, who was previously identified as a freshman, but played for Morehouse his freshman year in 2010.

We hope that this student at Spelman gets justice. See the video below.