$2 for a soda $1 for a cigar, what is a black life worth? Below is the video footage of the second young black man that has been shot and killed in St. Louis, MO within the last two weeks.  I watched the video this morning and my soul was grieved.  The victim who appears to suffer from a mental disability, had apparently been stealing food from a corner store.  The police were called, and there was not even a 20 second lapse between their arrival and his death.  It does not appear that they exhausted or even tried any forms of negotiation with the young man, before they shot him in cold blood.  This situation has occurred only 11 days after the fatal shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo and the subsequent protest.

I am sick and tired of the shoot first, investigate last policy of those who are given the charge to protect and serve.  I have been out in Ferguson during the day and night and the lawlessness of the police has truly shown me, just how devalued black lives are.  The very presence of melanin in our skin is a threat, the kink to our hair ,our bodies, our minds and our heart are all a threat.  What is worse, is that our Governor and the government of this country has allowed the abuse to continue.  We do matter.